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Perpetual Website Traffic Method

There was a time when you could manually surf and use safelists to get website traffic and build your list.  You can still do that but the amount of time and effort is too great today to be sustainable. There are new traffic exchanges being created often now.  There are so many more people in the internet marketing stream now, that savvy marketers are filling the demand.  What that means for you is that you will have to automate more of what you do with a perpetual website traffic system. You will still be in the exchanges but how you setup will be different.

Perpetual Website Traffic Method Step 1 – Your Mentors

You will need to use traffic programs that overdeliver.  They must give way more than they take from you in money and/ or time.  They must also deliver solid training with clear explanations.  This means that you will and must also overdeliver.  The creators of my primary traffic programs have been delivering traffic for a minimum of 15 years.  3 of them for more than 25 years.  And the newest of them uses technology to make the old, new again. The old school always rules. I get value for my dollar and my time.

Perpetual Website Method Step 2 – Capture Pages

Try to always use a capture page or landing page that builds your list directly.  At a minimum you should be able to access your prospects contact information from an email or at the very least through an internal mailer in the members area.  Do Not send your prospects to a sales page that does not share their contact information with you.  Your leaving way too much money on the table.

What all this means is that you need your own autoresponder to send out regular emails to your prospects.  This is when you can send your prospect to the sales page.  They are on your list or are a member in your downline with an internal mailer.  You can now sell to them again and again when you have something useful.  Remember to overdeliver.

Perpetual Website Traffic Step 3 – The Traffic Multipliers

Use traffic methods that give you more than one click.  You want to earn extra credits for every click or the option to present another offer, or backlinking for SEO, or banner credits, or some other bonus.  3 of the 4 banners at the bottom of this page give me banner credits in their system each time any of the pages of this website is viewed.  Some programs can deliver over 1 million hits to your website because of their matrix layout, and others just from the doubling effect. Details On The Inside.
Everything in life moves, right down to the atomic structure. The most important part of your business is website traffic. If you don’t create it yourself then you have to get it from somewhere. If you want leads for your home business then they have to come from someone else’s traffic. This must be understood. You must focus on traffic and / or leads!

Perpetual Website Traffic Step 4 – Financial Security

Your Financial Security is why you are really here. Most governments today have some form of a carbon tax or  their countires are suffering from pollution or some international standard. Electric cars are still expensive and the young families can no longer afford to purchase a home in any city in North America.  Private and public service unions are on strike because inflation is up which means wages are down.

 Food prices are through the roof so the grocery chains are making record profits while the dock workers picket and block the supply chain.  Food banks are over burdened and plea for public help. Even families with decent jobs now use these services.

Have you had enough yet?  In my lifetime I have seen many downswings.  I started working when I was in grade 6 with a newspaper route.  I have been working since then.  Next was the corner variety store, then the department store, and on and on.  The average family never really recovers from that downswing.  It only feels like it.

At some point you will have to make a small investment. Free only gets more Free.  $0 times $0 = $0.

If you double a penny ($.01) every day for 30 days you will have over  $1 milllion ($1 000 000).

Set And Forget Buyer Traffic
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